August 2015: English Longbow, Standing Desk, Kuksa, Blacksmith Anvil & more Smoked Meat

This month has been a busy one so far. I've written some blog posts on some of these, but here are the highlights

English Longbow from Osage Orange

Roughing out Osage Orange stave for English longbow

Standing Desk from reclaimed barn wood

I've been using a rigged stand up desk for about a year now and I like it. Time to make it official.

Joining 2" thick planks for standing desktop

Hand-carved Mahogany Kuksa

Carving a cup from some scrap wood.Hand carved Mahogany Kuksa

Blacksmith Anvil from an I-beam

Next steps will be shaping and heat tempering the anvil.DIY, Homemade Blacksmithing Anvil - Virgil Aurand

Smoked Meat

More Bacon, Pulled Pork & Smoked Carp all came out of three different smokers this month. Smoked BaconPulled pork with dry rub Smoked Carp







July 2015: "Make It. Smoke It.  |  4 Cheap & Easy Ways to Make Your Own Meat Smoker; plus Recipes!"

This month's project is a book about how to make and use your own homemade meat smoker. I started smoking meat 30 years ago, but in the past few have really spent a lot more time with it.

The intended audience of the book is for folks just starting out & want a short how-to guide. Here's an excerpt from the description:

Want to become an “expert” at smoking your own food? If so, this book isn’t for you. This book is short and to the point. It’s for someone who’s just starting out, or interested in trying out smoking on their own. It’ll get you quickly up to speed with practical advice and specific instructions. Once you fall in love with this new hobby, I’m sure you’ll want to take your skills to a new level. For that, there are some great (and very large) books on the topic that I’d highly recommend.

Learn how easy (and cheap!) it is to make your own homemade smoker. This book will guide you through with easy to follow plans, pictures, and step by step instructions.

Maybe even more important than the how-to’s for making a smoker, is the actual use of one. In this book you’ll also find practical smoking techniques and delicious recipes , which I think are make this book worthwhile. Follow along and you could be making your own smoked bacon, beef jerky, or salmon in no time at all!

Make It! Smoke It! Book