"You Get 25,000 Mornings as an Adult: Here are 8 Ways to Not Waste Them" (James Clear)

I've been practicing many of these routines, and found them to be game changers. I follow the work of James Clear because he does his homework. He studies the habits and routines of the most successful people and breaks them down for the rest of us. Enjoy.

25,000 Mornings: The Power of a Morning Routine

Just as it’s rare for anyone to experience overnight success, it’s also rare for our lives crumble to pieces in an instant. Most unproductive or unhealthy behaviors are the result of slow, gradual choices that add up to bad habits. A wasted morning here. An unproductive morning there.

The good news is that exceptional results are also the result of consistent daily choices. Nowhere is this more true than with your morning routine. The way you start your day is often the way that you finish it.

~ James Clear

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