Re-blog: "How to Stop Skipping Workouts for Good"

I was talking with my coach a couple of weeks back about this very thing. We were trying to identify why I fall off the wagon from time to time with my health & fitness routines. In short, it's not about being perfect, but what you do when you do fall short, or mess up. It's not that first step... it's what you do for that second, but critical step. I realized that's where the wheels fall off for me. (p.s. thank you Mark) This article came to my attention & thought I'd pass it on. Sure, you can poo-poo the advice as being too simplistic. (just read some of the comments to see that.) However, I've found that this works for me, so I'm just not going to overthink it. Maybe it'll help you?

"Have you ever started a new habit with a lot of enthusiasm and built up some great momentum? Maybe you were able to work out 3 times a week for an entire month. It feels great, and every day you stick with it you’re resolved to continue tomorrow.

But then something happens. You have to go away to a wedding for a long weekend, or your kids both get sick at the same time and force you to drop everything to care for them.

Your momentum is broken, and when things settle down, you find yourself ordering takeout and skipping your workout to watch the latest episode of The Voice (it’s cool, I won’t tell anyone).

Momentum can be both a blessing and a curse... 

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