"Make It. Smoke It." Book is Now Available

Want to make your own Bacon or Beef Jerky? Get a copy of "Make It. Smoke It." to learn how. Now available on Gumroad for $2.99

"Learn how easy (and cheap!) it is to make your own homemade smoker. This book will guide you through it with easy to follow plans, pictures, and step by step instructions.

You’ll also find practical smoking techniques and delicious recipes, which I think makes this book even more worthwhile. Follow along and you can be making your own hickory smoked bacon, beef jerky, or salmon in no time at all!

This book is part of a series that encourages "back to the basics" living that's not only cost-effective, but life-enriching."

Format: eBook, 79 pages.

The PDF version of "Make It, Smoke It!" can be purchased here on Gumroad.

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Make It! Smoke It! Book
Make It! Smoke It! Book

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Virgil Aurand