Brine Recipe for Smoked Salmon (& other fish too)

Wild caught Sockeye Salmon, freshwater Trout and brining ingredients. My neighbor caught these two beautiful trout for me, and I bought a couple of nice Salmon filets to go with them. I don't often buy Salmon since the prices have gotten so high. This was $25.00 a pound, which I got on sale for $16.00 a pound. Quite a discount, but still quite high for my liking! Anyway, I digress; onto the recipe.

This week, I'm making smoked salmon and trout, so it's time to get them into the brine. It's a simple recipe and process, but makes a world of difference in the finished product. Just like pork, salmon goes great with "sweet," so I prefer brine that salty and sweet.

Whisk the following ingredients together until everything is dissolved:

4 Cups cool water

1 Cup Brown Sugar

3/4 Cup Kosher or Sea Salt (it's important to use non-iodized salt)

1/2 Cup Maple Syrup

This recipe makes enough brine for about 5 pounds of fish. The brine should be a nice caramel color, as seen in the picture below.

Next, put the fish into a Ziplock bag and pour in the brine. Make sure you have enough to cover everything. Lay the bags flat inside another container to prevent spills, and put them in the fridge. Leave them there for 24 hours prior to smoking, turning the filets occasionally. (I flip them once at about the 12 hour mark).

Brine Salmon & Trout for 24 hours in Fridge

That's it for now. We'll pick back up once the brining has finished.