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  • Writer on topics like exiting the corporate world (i.e. quitting your job), personal productivity, the importance of being a “maker,” living simply & spending less, learning how to be more self-sufficient, and how to learn new skills such as smoking meat, brewing beer, as well as web/technology tips for artists & craftspeople.
  • Photographer covering nature, craftsmanship, art, family life and people I encounter during my travels. My portfolio is here. I also share photography tips I’ve picked up along the way.
  • Consultant/Engineer at my I.T. company, “The VCO Project.” I blog occasionally and share tips & “how-to” posts. My areas of focus are servers, networking, security, WordPress, and a handful of other things too long to list.

About Virgil Aurand and Random Pursuit

Hi and welcome. I’m Virgil and this website is where I share my thoughts on life, art and business. This page will give you an overview of what to expect.

I’m fascinated by the variety that life holds and with learning new things. I’ve been involved with a myriad of different businesses and volunteer organizations. My roles have been everything from consultant to carpenter, I.T. manager to repo-man, salesman to butcher’s apprentice, contractor to entrepreneur. (This doesn’t include my personal pursuits which range from brewing beer to Jiu Jitsu to woodworking.)

So, I write about several different topics, share tips & techniques for outdoors-related themes, bushcraft, woodcraft, tool selection/use, meat smoking, recipes, beer brewing, photography, gardening and other projects I’m working on. I also share books I’m writing, quotes and ideas that I find meaningful and free downloads & cheat sheets from time to time. My hope is that you'll find what I publish to be both interesting & helpful.

Oh yeah, I live in the Chicago area rural southern Missouri, and have been married to the same beautiful (and sassy) woman since 1991, and couldn’t image life without her!

What to Expect

I usually write a couple of blog posts a week, and send out an email update once a week. No spam, ever. Unsubscribe at any time.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve the contents of the site. It’s not my intention to write stuff that sucks, but it happens on occasion. Let me know, I won’t mind.


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